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Waranty Informtion

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Advantage Lighting Warranty Information

Due to the high standards of the Advantage Lighting range, our products have up to a 5 year manufactures warranty from the date of manufacture. As we do not know how long it will take for a product to get from the manufacturer into your shopping cart, Advantage Lighting provides a large piece of mind 4 year customer warranty on many items.

Included warranty can vary on different products from a standard 12 month warranty through to a 4 year warranty. Advantage Lighting strives to provide quality products and to keep pushing out warranty durations.

High quality products are important to Advantage Lighting as it means far less returns and happier customers. A return can quickly turn a profit to a lose and we can all do without that. Part of the quality process is ensuring that products have correct and appropriate certifications which is often lacking when importing small numbers of items.